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A Piece of Nature

BoldB is a small Melbourne based design label. BoldB jewellery is inspired by nature. Each of our products combines sustainable woods and colourful resins, and has been carefully sanded and polished by hand.

We have exciting plans for BoldB.

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Our Story

Melbourne Based

BoldB is proudly Melbourne based and a family affair. We offer unique accessories heavily influenced by our natural environment. All products are designed in our small Brunswick studio and carefully handcrafted in collaboration with the talented craftspeople of Cebu. We are working hard behind the scenes on new and exciting collections.
Britta cutting wire

Humble Beginnings

BoldB was born in early 2014 when Britta started working with scrap timbers to create accessories at the Wangaratta Woodworking Club. Later that year she opened her own small studio in Melbourne, where she worked on small scale production as demand grew.
Photo of Family

Family Owned

After two years of rising demand, Britta was no longer able to cope with production by herself. In early 2016 she joined up with her brother-in-law Michael with the aim of expanding the BoldB range. Whilst Michael manages the business operations, Britta's focus has shifted from being a maker to her passion of being a designer.
Britta with drill

Our Woods

Our first collection has been developed using four species of wood. As the pieces of wood used in our designs are so small, we are able to use the wood from limbs and branches which is considered waste by the furniture and building industries. None of the species we use are vulnerable or endangered in any way.

Slice of Jackfruit


Slice of Redwood


Slice of Mahogany


Slice of Greywood


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