Aqua Collection

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Introducing our aqua collection

We have introduced a new approach to jewellery design with the unique combination of materials used to create our aqua collection. Each piece of the collection has been carefully handcrafted, bonding beach sand with aqua resin and metallic pigments. With the relationship between the ocean and the land as inspiration, each of our designs bears resememblance to a bird's eye view of the coastal landscape.

Giving back

We are proud to announce that every purchase from our aqua collection will help provide one year of safe water to one person in need through BoldB's support of, an international nonprofit organisation that has transformed the lives of over six million people around the world.

Currently 630 million people around the world - or 1 in 10 - lack access to safe water. Given the inspiration of the aqua collection is water, we felt this collection presented the perfect opportunity to contribute to addressing this important issue.

Kids playing in safe water

Ligno Collection

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Ligno is latin for wood or tree

Our Ligno collection has been made by fusing a range of wood species with colourful resins into 24 unique designs. Each piece has been carefully shaped by hand to their final shapes and polished to a high gloss finish, and features high quality and allergy friendly rhodium-plated metal parts.

Our woods

Our Ligno Collection has been developed using four species of wood: Jackfruit, Redwood, Mahogany and Greywood. As the pieces of wood used in our designs are so small, we use limbs and branches sourced from a small family-run farm, leaving the trees to regenerate naturally.

Slice of Jackfruit
Slice of Redwood
Slice of Mahogany
Slice of Greywood

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